Saturday, May 31, 2014

.5 tahun.

assalamualaikum readers!

i remember the day i met him for the first time in 2006.
it was during my university's intercollegiate sports event,
i was in the bowling team
and we competed at city plaza, alor staq.
okay before you go 'whoa!',
i was only the reserve player.

anyway, back to the romantic bits...

so, he came to meet me.
because we've never met before.
since we knew each other.
since 2003.

he was wearing a jacket over his superman t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
the jacket i learnt later that had a tear at the elbow
from a motorcycle accident with a friend.
the jacket he loved so much because his dad gave it to him.

i was so shy.
but quite in control of the situation
because i knew he was nervous too.
you know, women...
we can sense this kinda thing haha.

since there was a break from the competition,
we went to McD's on the ground floor.
my college roommate at that time came with.
she even bought us the sundaes!
thanks dinot :)

then we walked here and there.
i can't recall what we talked about.
fast forward to 2007.
we got serious.
sometimes, i asked him the exact date that we decided to get serious.
he said, "10 januari 2007"
"ingat sebab hari tu birthday anton"

yeah, he is romantic like that.
which is cool.
because i don't remember the date at all ;P

so there.
our love story.
cheesy enough?

"dan aku sengaja tunjuk keras kepala
aku punya manja, kau saja boleh rasa
rahsia kita berdua…"

p/s: hah i got it wrong! ejal told me that our first face to face encounter was when i went to his sister's wedding with my parents in 2005. hehe forgetful me.

update: anniversary dinner ^___^

thank you for reading!

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