Tuesday, January 24, 2017

.piala sumbangsih 2017.


JDT vs kedah


we were there!
although i don't know much about football,
i do know that kedah's goal was cantik!
and of course,
outstanding than safiq's penalty goal.

.they approached the fans.

this would be the second time
that i experienced being in the winning crowd
and it was much better than
being in shah alam stadium!

except when i had a terrible stomach ache
that we indecisively had to go up and down
looking for ways to the restroom.
should i go now before the game starts?
should i just keep it all in until halftime?
this way or that way?

.the rowdy crowd behind us was entertaining.

i prefer the Tan Sri Dato Hj Hassan Yunos stadium
(aka larkin stadium)

it was cleaner,
no kulit kuaci on the cement floor!

the public safety and
stadium security policies were better,
although they didn't inspect my handbag
(nothing dangerous in it anyways),
they did confiscate ejal's lighter.
no one had a smoke while seated around the deck!
they had to move to the upper decks
for a smoke.

the marshals were friendlier and helpful,
one of them helped me find my way to the restroom!
and two of them let us sit where we weren't supposed to.
which was weird because there were so many empty seats.
they were still empty even after halftime.

.we were also on tv! photo credit to abg zaini.

why the mask if there was no cigarette smoke?

bau ketiak!


.after the game.

alhamdulillah we had beautiful weather that night.
breezy. no rain.
another great 'adventure' with my husband.
thank you for the experience....

the next day,
we had our dinner here!
nasi lemak so fragrant,
sweet and spicy sambal,
hot crunchy fried chicken..

.nasi lemak wak kentut!.

thank you for reading!

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