Tuesday, March 15, 2011

.i have no idea.

that statistics can be awesome! all those copying, pasting, printing, editing and getting abused verbally by a menstruating-guy are just the bee's knees of teaching profession. i kid you not. i had fun and sore eyes for the next few days. sign me up for the 26th msspk daerah batang padang!

seriously, count me in.

.don't stare. you might get crossed-eyed.

but all is well as i just need to remind myself of the approaching school holiday ^__^ because hubby and i will be (are) spending our time in alor staq and penang. learnt how to cook murtabak from ibu and enjoyed devouring the delicious finish. will definitely try cooking it and uploading the dish on my blog! quality time spent with adam and damia too hehe. alesya is just too small to play hide and go seek :) went to a wedding and there was bountiful food. 3 dishes for the usual nasi kenduri, laksa, apam balik, roti canai, teh tarik, dadih, ais kacang and kue tiau kerang.

.he was trying to sit on me.

we were greeted by this magnificent view while on the penang bridge. i went whoaaaa. and i said to hubby,

me : gambo xcantik la guna kamera. mata yang Allah bagi je yang boleh capture the beauty.
hubby : ye, btoi.

all the man-made gadgets in the world can't compete with Allah's creation.


can't wait to bake, roast, and toast with my new 3 in 1 microwave oven! will start here, during the school holidays. thank you mak! muah muah.
thank you for reading!


Sir Matno said...

menstruating man??
daerah batang padang??

who are you hanging out with lately??

by the way, i am the happiest person when you mentioned food, and whatmore your own version of murtabak! you owe me that!!!!!

keep the spirit, more recipes are to jump out of the microwave oven, i suppose! ;p

Sir Matno said...

oh yea! i miss penang!!!!

syitah said...

check my page on 'masakan'...any new dish i cooked/baked will be uploaded there, if i rajin ;p

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