Friday, August 24, 2018

.exploring maafushi.


i'm so sorry for the late update!
a lot had been going on.
will share with you guys about it later,

here are some photos of maafushi island
where we spent our vacation.
the weather was great that we were able to
walk around and enjoy the local scenery.

.one of the houses.

most of the houses have high walls around them.
maybe it's just their common building signature or
probably after years of having tourists looking in,
they decided to have more privacy.

notice the makeshift chairs?

.walking to a cafe for lunch.

.convenience store.

.comfy little mosque.

.chilling out under the big tree.

more makeshift chairs!
these are made from steel though.

.the school building.

.street food.

after lunch, we walked to a stall by the seaside.
they served local coffee, tea and these local food.
i think these are their version of kuih.
the ones on the upper side; coconut, fish and chilli.
bottom; coconut and flour.

the food is not too much different from ours.
we could easily find fried rice for dinner.
halal food is available everywhere.
however, their fish curry was not as appetizing as in malaysia.
the spices were undercooked,
compared to the usual curry we have.

i tried the local dish for lunch; steamed rice with fish soup.
the soup tasted like kuah singgang
but with curry leaves and small fish chunks
minus the asam gelugor, tomatoes and lemon grass.
can you imagine?
we look forward to enjoy fresh seafood
like ikan siakap tiga rasa or masak stim halia,
oysters maybe?
but noooo!
they only have fish chunks or fish fillets only.
fish curry = chunks of fish in thick curry paste.
even though they are surrounded by the indian ocean,
fishing is their second leading sector. tourism is the first.

next entry: velana beach hotel
thank you for reading!
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