Sunday, January 13, 2019

.adaaran prestige vadoo.


hello again!
let's continue...

the next day,
we went to adaaran prestige vadoo.
a resort on a private island.
this trip is a package you can arrange with your hotel.
there are several other choices but i forgot the cost.

.the gate.

we were the only ones from velana beach hotel that day.
when we arrived at the resort's jetty,
we were greeted by their staff.
there was also another boat with other tourists
from another hotel.
oh boy... they sure were noisy!
they kept interrupting the staff while he tried to explain
the day's schedule and the resort's dos and don'ts.
manners people!
haih....the only thing that spoiled the day.

.satellite view of the island. taken from google map.

after the briefing,
we received a blue wristband
to be worn at all times.
similar to the ones you wear in water theme parks.
different colors for different time slots.

we have access to all the facilities available in the resort.
the pool, private beach, sea-side bar,
lunch & hi-tea buffet,
shower rooms, suraushark-feeding session,
balcony and lounge overlooking the sea.

.pretending to have a chat.

...while ejal took a photo.
it looks serene,
and we were having a blast, right?
just to the right,
above my head,
among the leaves,
there was a small bee hive!

.notice the blue wristband on my left wrist?.

after enjoying the sun while swimming in the pool,
a dip in the sea,
a few glasses of fruit juices,
we showered, changed and enjoyed our lunch.
the buffet was provided near the entrance.
we can choose to sit under the shades of trees or the canopies.
the range of food was satisfying and scrumptious!
more choices than the buffet in velana beach hotel.
thoroughly satiated this malaysian taste buds.

.should have brought a flowy white dress for this.

later on, we performed our prayers
and walked around the resort
while waiting for the shark-feeding session to commence.

we sat on the jetty, our feet dangling above the water.
as the sun set, many fish of different types
swam closer to the jetty where the water was shallow.
a staff came with a bucket full of fish carcasses
and throw them into the sea.
soon, came small sharks, swarming the area
as the blood seeped from the carcasses into the water.

.flowy dress and a turban, maybe?.

.baywatch audition.

cost per head:
100 USD - private island visit

in the morning of the last day, 
before we board the flight back to malaysia,
we spent a few hours at male, the capital of maldives.

it is weird that they did not provide public transport
for tourists arriving from other islands at the jetty.
we waited there for about half an hour
and then decided to accept an offer from a pickup driver.
he was to be our tour guide cum driver.
so, three of us sat at the back, ibu rode shotgun
and under the hot sun, we explore male,
bought some souvenirs,
visited the mosque,
hung out at the town square.

.first experience wohoo!.

the end of our maldives adventure!

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Friday, December 21, 2018

.blue, cool indian ocean.


i was so excited for this.
swimming in the indian ocean open water!
as our boat skimmed over the waves
from the jetty to our snorkeling spots,
i got butterflies in my stomach.

will it rain?
will there be sharks?
will i awake the kraken?

firstly, our guide aka the photographer,
brought us to a shallow spot
where we can practice to swim and
familiarize ourselves with the equipment
and temperature of the water.
it was a first time for ibu to snorkel.

.ejal helping ibu to snorkel.

the water was crystal clear.
we can see the white sand of the seabed.
we jumped in from the boat. 
the water was surprisingly cool
despite the hot day.
the wave was a bit rough
compared to our usual swim trip
in perhentian or tioman island.
it was hard swimming with fins
but our guide insisted that we wear them.

then the boat brought us to another spot.
we swam here and there,
enjoying the oceanic view with a few other tourists
from another boat.

later, the guide prompted us to follow him.
he was going to try and find turtles
and if he had found one,
he wanted us to catch up
because turtles are fast!

we swam around him
watching as he dived below and deeper
towards the ocean floor
where turtles camouflaged
among the reef, sand and rocks.

a few minutes passed by
and then boom....a reef moved!
but it was not a reef,
it was a turtle with a moss-covered-shell.
the guide ushered it to swim upward,
closer to us.

.sorry, still no bikini.

i recalled what the guide had said and
swam swiftly that i left my husband behind.
so, the photo above,
that's me, chasing a turtle!
i managed to tap its shell lightly
and it was slimy.
awesome, dude!
it turned its head slightly and i froze,
worried that it might bite me or something!
not awesome.

i didn't ask how old he/she was though.

let's go through some photos
while my voice accompanies you
and helps you imagine each scenic view.
if you have heard of my voice before, that is.
if not, then just read the captions lah.
let the photo spam begins!

.ejal doing his thing.

.looks like Gill from Finding Nemo but no.

.Gill maybe, with his companions.

.Patrick's cousin or formally, crown-of-thorns starfish.

.looks like Dory? but no.

.sea anemone and symbiotic relationship with clownfish .

.fish are friends, not food.

there were sharks!
but this photo over here
was taken by the guide
while we were somewhere else.

the depth of the sea was determined by its color.
the deeper it is, the darker the color.
we did swim towards a darker side of the sea
but decided not to venture further.
we might have encountered the sharks if we did.

.ibu & ayah, inspired by american gothic. hehehe.

after a couple hours of snorkeling,
they brought us to this small sand bank.
this was where we had our lunch
(included in the package),
had a swim and took more photos.

the skies were blue and clear,
the sea was cool, captivating...

.us in this sea of many shades.

conclusion of snorkeling session:

cost per head:
40 USD - snorkeling

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