Sunday, May 8, 2011

.guacamole mole.

the other day, i was introducing colours to my pupils. hmm refreshing their knowledge was more like it because they have gone through the same topic in preschool *thank God for preschool teachers!*

thus, it was a challenge for me to make that familiar or known matter interesting to them. you wouldn’t want to read the same book that you already knew the ending, right? eh i would. okay bad example but you get my drift la kan.

i integrated story-sharing and games into this particular lesson. at one point, i asked them to show me objects in the class that matched the colour that i mentioned.

green chair.

blue table.

black hair.

“teacher, teacher…..hitam macam jerawat teacher”



the dear boy was referring to my moles. they are brownish actually.

and i have severals ^____^

matno, authentic learning enough? ;) eheh.

dulu risau takde siapa nak ngorat or jatuh hati because of all the moles on my face. our society even associates moles to ugliness or nerds.

but then i went to college and (later, got married ho yeah!) the moles were not a problem anymore, to me or the opposite sex that i befriended. take that shallow people!

berani la kutuk, Allah yang bagi tau! *muka serius*
thank you for reading!


Yati said...

he he he....pandainya murid murid adik bg contoh. Patut bangga sbb mereka faham la tu....

syitah said...

tapi dia xsebut 'black' ;p

tarmizisim said...

murid tu color blind mcm abh la tu kut... tapi hitam pun kaler ke gak?

syitah said...

iye..tapi adik expect dia utk ckp 'black' instead of 'hitam' ;)

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