Monday, July 11, 2011

.i should stop.

it feels like a tiny dwarf is pounding away
and it doesn't help with the bursting bladder

sometimes he stops to rest
and sip some mead
and mend his mallet

but i just can't stop
thump thump thump
and the dwarf continues to pound

inhale exhale
inhale exhale

esok minum lagi ye

p/s: hari ini cuti ganti, yeay!

thank you for reading!


Firdaus Tarmizi said...

bendera merah?

syitah said...

minum la, dude..minum..

Firdaus Tarmizi said...

tiny dwarf tu bangse ape? selamba minum arak?

Faizul said...

hoihhh hangover ke?! hahaha joking aje.

syitah said...

ohoh lips of wine la..

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