Wednesday, May 29, 2013

.mari hargai bumi.

assalamualaikum readers!

khalifah Allah: setiap insan yg diamanahkan atau dipertanggungjawabkan oleh Allah utk mengurus dan mentadbirkan dunia ini mengikut syariat Allah.

bumi juga diamanahkan kepada kita, bukan?

.will this magnificent view..fresh, nature smell..
and cool, salty breeze..still exist in the future?.
i believe there is no small thing that anyone can contribute to the health and wealth of earth. every little thing counts. not just the thought. take action. do it in your every day life. after all, isn’t cleanliness is next to godliness?

therefore, every little thing that pollutes and wastes the earth also counts.

picture this:
after dumping a bag of garbage into the river,
someone thinks..
“oh it’s okay, the river flows”
(ye, macam dalam iklan tu)

or in other situations…
“it’s okay, the cleaners can do it”
“it’s okay, my child will survive with what we had borrowed”
“it’s okay, we got time”
“it’s okay, i can afford the bills”
“it’s okay, my father owns this place”
“it’s okay, jason mraz has already contributes to the campaign”

what if every single person on earth has the same thought?
how shallow and ignorant can one be!

yes, we are not millionaires or rich philanthropies or Oprah that can be a benefactor to a worldwide save-the-earth campaign or provide a prius hybrid for everyone but we make do with what we can.

here are steps that we can take to be good to earth:

  1. keep your rubbish inside the car/bike/bus until you find a garbage bin at a rest stop or a gas station.
  2. anywhere you are, be it at the office or home or on vacation, switch off the lights when not in use.
  3. every time you brush your teeth, close the tap.
  4. are you familiar with Rasulullah’s practice on water usage? take short, effective shower.
  5. anywhere you go and if it’s possible, pick up the rubbish when you see one and throw ‘em into the bin. (or refer to no. 1)
  6. read a good book instead of slouching in front of the telly 24-hours a day during the school holiday.
  7. buy a Bentley. haha!
heal the world
make it a better place
for you and for me
and the entire human race
all the best, peeps!
thank you for reading!

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