Friday, February 3, 2012

.what are alphabets?

what are they thinking?
what are they seeing?
why is it different to them?

are they helpless?

are they doomed?

of course not.
they just need a little extra push,
a little more attention...
and a whole lot of patience from the teachers ;p
and hey,
albert einstein is dyslexic too!
but he has a role in the invention of atomic bomb.

thank you for reading!


awek retro said...

dalame tak men tanah liat..hihi

Faizul said...

my batchmate's dyslexic too. and he's one of the top young architects in malaysia now. check him out as one of the AYA Awards 2010 Youth Finalist. the name is Sarly Adre Sarkum. he makes us 8892 brothers proud!

syitah said...

awek retro: hehe bahan bantuan mengajar ni..

faizul: whoa! see, all they need is seseorang yg memahami ;)

Sir Matno said...

aku rasa aku update blog dah setahun!


going back to the topic.. as a teacher, memang sgt memahami.. tapi kalau mcm kita yg mengajar bukan kelas khas (and i have like 7/10 dyslexcix- whatever la ejaan dia- mcm mana nak fokus)

i become so frustrated!!

syitah said...

tapi students 10 org kan?
masih boleh fokus, insyaAllah :)
sbb lesson boleh ikut majoriti, dah ramai slow learners..
xyah kejar syllabus sgt la klu camtu. belum kelas 30 org pelbagai level of learning lagi..
you can do it!
just do it! ;p

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