Wednesday, February 8, 2012

.quirky house deco.

we were in a book store
looking for stationeries
and my husband grabbed this box
with "mini 3D restaurant" written on it.

i asked "why?".
he smiled and said,
"you like this kind of thing.
this is like art.
you can do it."

i said sternly, "i don't want it.
it'll only collect dust later."

but he was relentless.
made a lot of fuss and
gave me puppy dog eyes.
so he won.
we bought it.

despite a few grumbles and
hair-pulling moments
because the items are too small
and hard to handle,
we still had fun!


and yup,
now the mini 3D restaurant 
is just sitting there on the cabinet,
collecting dust ;p

thank you for reading!


Yati said...

he he he...bagus utk latih you be more sabar....:)

syitah said...

hehe baiklah, prektis! :)