Saturday, September 3, 2016

.la tahzan.


i was on an emotional roller coaster yesterday.
and the day before that.
and a few days before that too haha.
you didn't know it
or care enough to ask why
even when you noticed i was not my usual self.

it's okay though.
i just sat quietly.
finishing my work,
minimizing my social interaction,
speaking only when spoken to.

no one at work knew what happened in the surau that morning.
(not that i want them to!)
no one noticed anything was amiss.
except that ever loving administration staff,
and another friendly one downstairs.
*thank you*

it's okay though.
i know how easy people judge
because i know
how easy my mood affects others.
and i'm sorry.
the bottled up emotions...
of them...
just need to burst out,
you know?
of course you don't.
you've never been in my shoes.

it's okay though.
i can handle this.
i got Allah
and ejal
and my family
and friends who are in the same boat!


let's be more aware of our surrounding
and others' feelings.
it's called emotional intelligence.

p/s: next entry, freeloaders!
thank you for reading!


muhammad muzaffar Johar said...

Thin persecutors
Your twisted whispers
A horned reptile that is crawled upon the earth

I went for my usual walk
Just tell it like it is
Tell it like it was
Judge and jury, executioner
Judge and jury, executioner
Judge and jury

Judge Jury Executioner - Atom For Peace
Taken from the album "AMOK" 2013

Yati said...

Love u, adik

atuk_amn said...

one day you will become a boss. a grumpy boss is not a good & likable boss. has to learn to handle that situation although its not easy..

syitah said...

muz: tolong terang sat yang tersirat lagu nih. berat sgt aih..

mak: love you too :*

abah: bapa borek, anak rintik hehehe. okay inshaAllah...

atuk_amn said...


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