Thursday, September 8, 2016

.how to handle a freeloader.


well children..
i'm going to teach you
how to detect
and handle freeloaders.

we should familiarize ourselves with its definition.
click to enlarge!

got it?

now that you had a little acquaintance with definition of the word,
do you think you are a freeloader?

sometimes we tend to take people around us for granted.
sometimes we treat our significant other,
our family members or friends
with little respect.

these people find it hard to say no to you,
or they are being nice
or they do it out of sympathy
or simply being empathetic.
but for whatever reason,
you shouldn't take advantage of the situation.
you wouldn't want to be a leech!
a reminder to everyone who has been a victim of freeloaders:

we can't really steer clear of them,
this species exists everywhere...
be kind but also be firm.
we wouldn't want the last straw to break the camel's back.
for freeloaders out there:

we believe you also had your reasons for being the way you are.
no matter how desperate it may look haha.
be thoughtful of others.
polish up your soft skills when asking for help.
and always remember...
one good turn deserves another.

just stop being a freeloader!

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Unknown said...

Freeloaders dengan Naik Lemak sama x?

syitah said...

omg yes...penat pun kadang2 melayan