Sunday, September 18, 2016

.kuching waterfront.


last few weeks, we went to the only state in malaysia that we haven't set foot in...sarawak! well, to be exact, only kuching though. sarawak is vast! we would need at least two weeks (?) to explore every nook and cranny of bumi kenyalang and of course a new budget to think of.

.here we are in front of our hotel.

we were there for 3 days 2 nights and within that time we only managed to explore 3 tourist spots. as soon as we reached kuching international airport, we were greeted by ejal's friend (and two adorable daughters!) who worked in mrsm kuching. he were to lend us his car throughout our stay there. so, he drove us to the hotel and later his wife fetched them.

next? we freshen up and out we went to fill our rumbling tummies! we walked all the way to RJ ayam penyet kopitiam and had scrumptious ayam penyet goreng and ayam penyet bakar. great food, great ambiance.

.pisang cheese too!.

on the way back,
we planned to explore the waterfront
and we walked past this famous landmark.

.compulsory spot to take photos!.

we also went on the river cruise
which costs us RM30/pax
because we got 50% off as guests of tune hotel.
a great way to learn more about kuching
as the tour guide shed light on the history of every building,
famous landmarks and its people
as we cruised down and up the river.
there was also a cultural show
from three different ethnics of sarawak.

.welcome drink + kek lapis and cultural show.

we also had the opportunity to enjoy the sunset
before we leave the boat...beautiful!
later, we explored the art festival along the bank of the river.
that was where i got my first henna! hehe

a fun and tiring day.
click for more info on kuching waterfront.
till the next entry, bye!

next entry: pasar serikin

thank you for reading!


Unknown said...

Kuching! tempat yang akan aku selalu pergi, for the food, the people, friends, food food, girls, food and culture.

ah, Kuching. the best!

syitah said...

waah berapa kali dah pegi?

makanan apa lg selain mee kolok, laksa sarawak & kek lapis yg dah cuba?

Unknown said...

byk kali. ahahaha. bulan 10 ni aku p sana.

swee kang ice kacang, white lady, marrybrown. :p, seafood, midin, umbai, pansoh ayam,nasi lalapan, sotong ketuk dll. lupe dah. aiskrim gula apong. teh c. ko kene try kopi yg die buat pakai bean sarawak. laksa sarawak ko kene p carik kedai choon hui (fav anthony bourdain), the best utk aku. at while you're at the shop, try die punye roti bakar special (aku lupe nama die). hahaha. mee kari dekat waterfront (brooke's restaurant ke ape tah nama die) pun sedap, mahal skit, tapi setakat nak impress awek, mmg berkesan la. laksa sarawak dekat taman depan st joseph high school pun sedap. laksa die berlemak skit. perghh, meleleh dah ni. hahahahahhaa. dekat masjid negeri ada nasi lemak power rangers. power jgak. Kuching, mu tunggu ku datang!

syitah said...

okay umbai, pansoh and sotong ketuk belum cuba..
kena luangkan byk masa lagi la kalau nak rasa semua..

Anonymous said...

umai ke umbai🤔

syitah said...

umai ye? silap la tu. sama macam ceviche?