Tuesday, September 20, 2016

.pasar serikin.


welcome back!

on the second day, we had a head start
on our journey to pasar serikin.
ejal's friend suggested that we should do so
to beat the traffic that starts at 9.00am.

therefore, we drove to our destination
just as we finished our breakfast.
there were several dishes to choose from.
we chose mee kolok and fried rice.
the mee kolok did not come with soup or beef slices though.

.view of the cafe.

the drive took about 1 hour
from the centre of kuching to pasar serikin in the bau district.
i even had the time to nap hehe.
ejal did a bit of a research on this famous tourist spot.
from what i've heard,
i can imagine that the goods sold
and the surrounding would be like it is in padang besar.
and it was.

.he's wearing a new cap.

it was hot and humid.
the stalls went on for a few miles.
i started to get agitated and restless.
i don't like shopping so this spot didn't awe me.
it was the opposite for ejal.
he would stop to admire the goods at almost every stalls!
i was all in to embrace the culture and whatnots
but not shopping haha.

.eager ejal & grumpy me behind the camera.

most stall owners are from pontianak, indonesia.

they had to drive 6 hours on friday to reach serikin

and head back home around 1.00pm on sunday.

the journey occurs every week.

.a happier me with mee kolok.

to avoid conflict the heat and humidity,
i left the eager ejal to wander around the stalls
and i walked back to where we parked the car
because i knew there was a restaurant nearby!
at last, i got to enjoy the real mee kolok.
and a glass of iced tea..ahhh...

when we're done with shopping and lunch,
we drove back to kuching to explore the other side
of the river bank.
that's where the kek lapis is!

next entry: kek lapis sarawak
thank you for reading!

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