Wednesday, December 1, 2010


a few days ago, the four of us went frolicking into town for miscellaneous hantaran ornaments and food! what would a family outing be without moments of tummy rubbing and aahhh *burp* of i've had enough? no need to answer that. right, moving on.

apart from making faces while my dad was giving directions from the passenger seat, i was oblivious of what i will encounter. we arrived at the store on anson road. i was greeted with elephant sculptures and wide glass entrance. i stepped into the air-conditioned building...

and then, i bit my lip and gritted my teeth. and i shuffled, wide-eyed from shelf to shelf. from section to section. touching this. feeling that. i can't help torturing myself with these blissful beauty.

dark purple. why? why!
and then there was....

silver. wwwhhhhyyy!?

and i blamed you mom for asking me to drive you there, to witness such beauty and suffer while thinking of the possibilities that all of these could adorn my wedding! or my room. or my house. heh. why didn't we know this place existed?? okay, it's not ikea but really these photos doesn't do justice to the real thing. it was my husband's nokia 5800 xpressmusic with 3.2 mega pixel yeah. love you dear! and the store not only has these type of ornaments. it has a wide range of everything that you could think of. bedding, living room, kitchen, gardening. i didn't even go upstairs to drool over other sections. an upscale compared to all the stores in nilai.

tak ape. lepas makan, jalan kaki dalam hujan pegi chowrasta market and bought myself eight novels! hah take that!

okay, adik maafkan mak. now i can sleep soundly at night. dreaming of ribbons and pearls and shiny boxes and adorable trinkets.....oh cruel world.


Sir Matno said...

wow.. hehehe.. perhaps you can bring me there for me to choose to adorn that on my wedding! ;p

chill.. chill.. there's always a party, kenduri or something where you may need all that decos...

syitah said...

jom matno! aku jadi wedding planner hang nak?

budget brape? ;p

buzalgarden said...

hebat ja dia!
tp ikea lagi best kot...

syitah said...

kita xnaik second floor kan? ntah2 lagi hebat!

tapi ikea lagi murah kut ;p

*fatheeha* said...

syitah...bes ke kedai tuh? npe x snap gmbo kdi dr luo.itew harus

syitah said...

sbb yg amik tu pun sembunyi2 haha
kat depan tulih no hanjing, no eskrem, no camera ;p

sila google sff home deco.