Saturday, January 29, 2011

.this is a story.

....all about my pets! nine years ago, my roommate, dinot, in college introduced me this online website where you can have virtual pets. since then, i've never stop playing ;)

here they are; shisyi, shibeezal and tu-tu.

shisyi is the eldest. she is an ixi and was born 1,972 days ago. she was a yellow ixi but i painted her halloween some time back and remained since. the halloween paintbrush comes with a black collar so i changed it to her old one which is purple because it matches her eyes! she is currently at level 44.

.this is her now, with all her wearables glory!.

and then there is shibeezal. a companion for shisyi. he was a gnorbu and born yellow also. but later i changed him into a uni. huu shouldn't have. one of life decisions i regretted (but don't go tell him that!) because gnorbu was just prefect for me. 

i painted him christmas on the 7th day of celebrating Y10. he drank a green uni morphing potion on the 15th day of collecting Y12 (ouh the regret!) and later i gave him a turnip tonic and he changed into red. presently, he is blue, painted on 24th day of collecting Y12. he is now 805 days old and at level 15.

.this is shibeezal, looking grand and dandy!

on the 29th day of collecting Y12, i adopted a pet from the pound. she was born 2221021 and i find the name lack creativity and warmth so i renamed her tu-tu. that was the closest name to the original one because i don't want her to feel too detached from her old self by giving other fancy name. she was white and at level 5. besides that, i have no clue about her history. she is now 224 days old. i painted her faerie on the 21st day of sleeping Y13.

when i bought the faerie paintbrush from the points gained through faeries' ruin plot, it was hard to decide on who is going to get painted. seeing that tu-tu haven't gone through any transformation yet, i gave it to her.

.this is tu-tu in royal blue and her huggable plushie.

maybe you've guessed where i got the names for shisyi and shibeezal ^__^ shisyi was a nickname given to me back in college years and shibeezal is a combination of shisyi and ejal, my husband haha.

okay, that's all for now.

i'll make sure you will be seeing more of them!
so proud of them....oh see how my babies grow ^__~

p/s: all images are from the creators of neopets!
thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

shishi and shibezal about tu-tu? he he

syitah said...

dah la...
kat atas tu,
perenggan ke-5,
ayat ke dua dan ketiga :)