Wednesday, March 2, 2011

.chowrasta market.

last weekend, mom cooked her delicious nasi ayam hainan. went to yop and kak yana's place and we (mom, dad, opah, hubby and i) had lunch together. managed to annoy hamzah! *gigit gigit* please Allah, murahkan rezeki kami. kurniakanlah kami anak yang sihat dan tak banyak ragam macam hamzah. betul ke tak banyak ragam yop?

i love yoooou hamtaro!

.autobot marks the clumsy me. scalding hot water + baby bottle.

the area of the scalded skin is producing an abundance of hair! weird ain't it. anyways, after showing love my way and later off we (hubby and i) went to chowrasta market, georgetown. this is where you can get the best deal on second-hand books. look what we've got! *drools*

several are for you mimi! these books range in price between RM8.00 to RM15.00. if you prefer a much newer books aka read once, they also have it at a lesser price than sold in other bookstores. i prefer the old ones. the smell *weak at the knees* love it! and to think of all the history a book has. previous owners. the emotions they felt for that story. the tears and joy that the book evoked. saya adalah sebuah buku berkulit tebal yang dilahirkan bla bla bla ditinggalkan tuan saya.....karangan tahun enam.

.eh all female authors?

tapaued nasi kandar at hameediyah restaurant in campbell street for mom, dad and opah. they have a new outlet just a few doors away but named hameediyah tandoori house instead. compared to the old one, it's much more comfy with spacious, well-lit and air-conditioned eating area. tapi malaysians suka lagi yang old school, makan tepi jalan kan?

just like this cendol stall. customers are thoroughly satisfied just by drink/eat the cendol while standing around the stall. no chairs are provided. upon request, we tapaued teochew cendol for yop and kak yana. i think i enjoyed the cendol once at their outlet in giant bayan baru. even the famous phua chu kang and rosie were there. i forgot what was so special about this particular cendol stall. just look at the line of eager customers, patiently waiting to quench their thirst on the hot and humid afternoon.

.autobot marks giant.

was it that good? i can't recall.

p/s: alhamdulillah ayah dah selamat harungi pembedahan mata. kak cik and alesya pun dah sampai kampung :)
thank you for reading!


bixbite said...

i love with all my heart. hehehe sumer tuh for me ke??? hahaha...sungguh jeles melihat ko kat situ...~heaven..hehehe

syitah said...

several la!
amboih nak semua plak ;p

Yop said...

hamzah suka buli yop. kadang2 kene dukung setengah jam nak dodoi kasik tido. lepas ni biceps yop mesti besar

teo chew cendol dekat giant tu 3/10 kesedapan yang dekat lorong tu. tapi maybe lebih sedap sebab makan kat tepi longkang + bau ketiak nyonya + masa panas.

syitah said...

bukan dah besar ke biceps? bagi adik jaga la, kasi lembik tu keras hahaha

ewwww ketiak.