Wednesday, August 17, 2011

.in strangers, i trust.

i've started blogging since 2002. but yeah, if you've paid attention, you might notice that the year stated in my blogger profile is 2009. that was when i created an account with them. my previous blog (and would still exist, if they didn't &^$^#@*%^ change it to some game network) was in friendster. before i had an outlet to pour my heart and mind out to words, friendster's bulletin board was the main canvas or papers in this case because i'm writing kan? ingat lagi tak bulletin board? jangan riak kata tak ingat, maklum dah hebat facebook ye. i even had a joke with my friends that, friendster should create a blog in its domain so that they don't have to read my nonsense on the board.

so friendster did provide the service and i had an awesome blog, i think ;p i chose that blog because it's not as mainstream like blogger (dulu, sekarang wordpress la hebat). maybe my status and personality influence my decision. if you knew the virgin (in maaany sense okay) me back then, i didn't publicize my photos and i felt that i should do the same with my writings. macam underground la kira cey. but now i'm a sell out. even my husband said i'm a sell out. well, he didn't use that word but that basically what he meant. 

most of the time i shared poems i wrote and usually ambiguous entries. some friends wanted to respond to them but can't because they said it was hard to digest. but it didn't stop them from coming back and reading my blog. and i was flying high. i got all that i need, an opportunity to write and readers.

not long after that, my college roommate at that time, jannah asked me to go to blogger. i hesitated but it happened eventually and linked it to my old blog (and would still exist, if they didn't &^$^#@*%^ change it to some game network). so here i am, with a different approach to writing, no less readers but lesser commentators hahah.

it's such a pity that my dear new readers didn't have the chance to know the dark, mysterious, sarcastic me because of the ^*&$%^#@$@ friendster. hence, i won't change the 'what's up' status on my sidebar till the rage in me subside. yes.

in conclusion? malaysian blog readers prefer easy-reading blogs with a face. the cute/handsome/gorgeous ones. big, fat squishy ones...long, thin, skinny ones...i eat them on my own!

thank you for reading!

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