Friday, October 21, 2011

.happy birthday syitah!.

i was away on a 4-day course from 17th to 20th october that took place in larut, matang and selama district. therefore, i celebrated my birthday with my friends in ipoh and taiping...yeay!

.ejan, birthday girl, sue.

it has been quite a while since i last lepaking with my former schoolmates. we ate, talked, shared and after 2 hours we realized that we've experienced and gained so much throughout our time apart. sue has always been like a kakak to me ;) i remember the day when we were fourteen in ekonomi rumah tangga class and she expertly demonstrated how to cook nasi goreng udang! it might seem easy peasy now but at fourteen i was only able to boil water hehe. not only she is good at cooking, she also matures beyond her age. she is often the one who offers advice and comfort when i need it the most. she is also the sanest among our group members (sphinx!) and the funniest ;p

ejan is my friend since kindergarten! even though i had to move from one school to another, we somehow managed to keep in touch. she has a very very good mental capacity to retain and revive facts or events. whenever she stumbled upon long lost friends, she could always come up with a memory of that person. this shows that she has such a big circle of friends and being amiable, she could easily befriend everyone around her ^___^ furthermore, back then, she was my sleep-over buddy. can you imagine the secrets we shared? she still remembers them after all these years!

.uma, syamsul, amir, karen, mr. poh and the chubby syitah.

these are my newly found friends, the jurulatih utama of bahasa inggeris kssr. they are also teachers coming from various districts and very passionate about teaching, unlike me hahaha. i should learn a thing or two from them  ^___^when i first met them, i thought they were a serious bunch. but once you get to know them, you'll pee in your pants just because you can't hold your bladder from all the laugh and jokes! oh..khairiyah was not in the photo because she was the photographer and since this photo was taken on the last day, jay was not around also.

being the hostess, khairiyah drove us to mak jah mee udang banjir at kuala sepetang. there we had a double birthday celebration, uma's was on the 18th and mine the 17th.

so, here's to each of you...
thank you for your love,
thank you for your time,
thank you for your friendship!

let's see what's in store for me
this weekend ;p
*hint = hubby*
thank you for reading!

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