Saturday, November 26, 2011

.kena batang hidung.

mak dah pesan, ayah dah bilang, suami dah bincang. tapi masih degil, kayu, incorrigible? i've shamed myself countless times, to err is human. i pick myself up and try not to do the same mistakes. but sometimes i stumble. the incidents that matter and i learnt most from were the ones that left a dent in my memory.

.lemme punch you in the nose!.

to conclude the err(s), i must say they are caused by my tongue, my words.

i say what i mean and i mean what i say. yes, that is a good approach to be frank and forward. to convey feelings with friends, to put across ideas, to make jokes. tapi teman ni bendul bebenor. luruih nampaknye, luruih le teman ikut.

bendul, manipulatif, tidak diplomatik.

there are absolutely not synonyms but they could co-exist! and i have all that, said family, acquaintances, colleagues and superiors. i don't understand human politics. not the ones you have to go and vote. just the one where you would have to deal with every single day till you're dead and still in debt to after death, if you have sinned them and they didn't forgive you for it. kalau nak masuk syurga, kome pun kene tunggu teman selesaikan 'hutang' yang ade tu dulu, tau? sanggup tunggu takpe la, takyah maafkan ;p

therefore, i should be more careful with my words and consider the feelings/reactions of the recipient(s) of my words. not all people could understand my blunt intentions, my sarcastic jokes and my harsh two cents. only family and close friends do ^___^

taaaapi, esok esok jadi lagi...haih. work in progress. after all, learning is lifelong ;p

p/s: sempena nak masuk tahun baru 1433H, teman mohon maaf salah silap, terlanjur kata terkasar bahasa dan perbuatan ye. moga diperbaiki kelemahan dan meningkatkan kelebihan.

thank you for reading!

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