Wednesday, October 30, 2013

.english room decoration.

assalamualaikum teachers,

.note the jellyfish with giant tentacles!.

here is our english cottage!
we intended to improve the condition of the room much earlier
but everyone was too busy with everything else.
thus, only after the nazir's visit (in march, i think)
that we really started redecorating and reorganizing.

after all, we should focus on our core business, right??

oh yup. besides being super rajin (roll eyes here),
our school was short-listed for the PSS Cemerlang national level.
therefore, in order to win (or has a chance to)
every room, stairways and aisle should ooze knowledge and information.

i thought sharing these photos might inspire you
to decorate your school's english room and surrounding area!
maybe for next year la..

.all that come to mind about english cottage is - white picket fence!.

once you've started,
it was hard to stop.
because although it was tiring,
it was also fun! creativity has no limit.
i know it's not grand but
we have yet to
set up the story-telling corner,
paint the walls (any sponsors? ^___^)
and my hands are still itching for more murals.
maybe later it'll look much better and be more informative.
hehe hopefully.

.get the pupils to involve, so that they'll love being in the room.

may our pupils (and teachers too)
benefit from this work.
inshaAllah, aminn...

p/s: ouh you should visit our fun library. our Guru Perpustakaan dan Media is awesome!
thank you for reading!

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Yati said...

Cantek....nanti mak post gambo pss terbaik perlis