Tuesday, October 8, 2013

.men are mysterious.

hello venusians!

why do they…..

put dirty pants on top of obviously clean clothes?
keep the lights on even when they had left the room?
never want to stop and ask for directions?
throw everything on the bed?
blame accidents on women’s driving skill?
place clothes on the railing but not between it?
i give up!
it's exasperating sometime.
because it’s true when they say men are from mars
and women fret over little things!
but despite all these, men..
enjoy home-cooked meals,
tuck you in at night,
water the plants,
respect women’s boundaries,
pay for the awesome kitchen,
are our imam.

so i guess,
these balance it out   ^___^

."uuUuu bubbles!", said one of the mysterious men.

after all, women are not perfect :)

thank you for reading!

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