Sunday, July 5, 2015

.3-week sick leave.

assalamualaikum readers,

sorry for the long hiatus.

this is an entry i wrote in my small notebook back in march :
today is the tenth day after my frozen embryo transfer procedure. i’m in the living room. listening to jazz, looking out at the evening sun. i’m not allowed, advised, not to touch any electronic devices especially mobile phone, ipad and laptop for twenty-one days. it is a challenge! no whatsapp, no facebook, no blog!

what has the world come to? are these worldly things so important that i can’t find something else to fulfil my days and nights? no friends, no colleagues, no pupils! (i’m actually okay with this teehee!) i have to stay at home throughout this period. not even allowed an outing to the pasar malam. imagine that.

my sources of joy are from food, my novels by the big bad wolf, various entertainment on the telly, games such as scrabble and puzzles and some quiet time with Him. oh yes, your companionship means a lot to me too, dear husband. hmm and naps! yeah, i take naps two times a day. ahhh heaven.

so, back to the topic of my ivf treatment. we went for a scan on the 27th of february. we were early and finished early which was before 10.00 am! however, the good doctor was not in. he asked me to see him at 2pm. as ejal had to attend a meeting with his staff, off he went home by train. i went back to the hospital, the doctor went through my scan report and asked me to come back the next day at 10.30 am for another scan.

i asked him nervously, excitedly, while controlling my giddiness,

“am i ready for FET?”
he replied,
“come tomorrow and i’ll let you know.”

ughh exasperating, i know!

i had to wait for another 18 hours just to know whether it was a yay or nay result.

to be continued...
thank you for reading!

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