Wednesday, July 22, 2015

.prior to FET.

assalamualaikum everyone!

welcome back :)

there were four of us that day, 28th february. two of us were ready for FET and another two for ovum pick-up. no nurse, so one of us had to be one and jot down the doctor’s notes.

i was instructed to inject myself with pregnyl 10,000 iu at 9.00pm that night. confused and excited at the possibility that all of our effort might be successful very soon, i was immediately convinced that i was given the dose months ago. therefore, i drove back home happily.

what i meant by months ago was september 2014, the 19th to be exact*. as it turned out, i don’t have pregnyl! i searched high and low, in and out of the kitchen despite the fact that the meds was supposed to be stored in the fridge. i panicked as it was almost 9.00pm. ejal was out buying dinner.

* that was when i was to start my ovum pick-up procedure. the rest of the meds were in the fridge and kitchen cabinet since last year. how am i supposed to remember which meds was for what?

i was flustered, hysterical even. there’s no pharmacy in sungkai. does the nearest hospital has it? is it okay if i inject myself the next day? i don’t want to wait for another cycle which only Allah knows when. it could be another 3 months or more and who knows what would happen then! i needed this dose to trigger and start taking duphaston and ventolin because i was supposed to go to HUKM for FET on 3rd march.

.grammar pun dah berterabur.

embarrassingly, i cried. i messaged my doctor and included a crying emoticon. how shameful! he didn’t reply so i called him. well, to make things short, i got the dose of pregnyl and then all was well. he still made fun of me crying though. he will never going to let it rest, i think. he said he was surprised because “you’re a strong lady”. he even shared this incident with his staff while i was there the other day. the nerve of that man!

there's no one to blame but myself. i should have keep track of my meds. sigh~

to be continued...
thank you for reading!

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