Wednesday, December 23, 2015

.first day at a new job.


14th december 2015 marked
the first day of me starting a new job.
i did not venture out far from education.
i can apply what i had gained
through all the lectures of the past four years.
*formal mode*

on a lighter note:
we had a delightful coincidence on the first day!
the newbies wore similar shoes,
excluding the thorn among the roses of course. 

.textured and with a bow.

which one is mine?

here's to a great year ahead,
may it be successful and blissful!

kurangkan kontroversi,
tingkatkan prestasi
thank you for reading!


tarmizisim said...


Tahniah dpt berubah angin. Moga adik lebih berjaya dlm tugasan dan environment kerja yg baru.

muhammad muzaffar Johar said...

wow.x jadi cikgu dah ke?

syitah said...

abah: aaminn....

muz: fasi. cikgu gak la kiranya :)

muhammad muzaffar Johar said...

aaa..kat uni/kolej mana? tahniah ler..

syitah said...

terima kasih :)

tapi bukan pensyarah..
fasi, bantu guru & murid..