Saturday, July 29, 2017

.hiking lata medang.


lata medang,
kampung pertak,
kuala kubu bahru
902 feet.
two and a half hours.

this hike took place a few months ago.
edited and uploaded the photos as a draft
a few weeks ago
but only have the time to write about the adventure today
as lots have been going on.

.starting our hike.

ejal, his friend and i started the drive
to kuala kubu bharu quite early.
it was an hour drive from sungkai.

i made new friends!
kak ana, farahin and kak emi.
three of them are ejal's colleagues/staff
and it was their first hiking experience.

.crossing the broken bridge.

this bridge has been broken for a long time!
can you see a trail on the left?
we might as well use that trail and
walk through the river to cross it.
but we wanted to keep our shoes dry
as long as possible.

.the trail forks: left to lata medang. right to bukit kutu.

guys in the team brought along some food,
cooking utensils and camping gears.
as you can see in the photo above,
on the right among the bushes,
another guy made an effort to mark
the trail from this point until we reach lata medang.
surely it could help other hikers who are new to this trail.
on our way back,
we found that all these marks had been removed!

.another rest at a trail that forks. i forgot where the other one leads to.

there were five hikers not in the photos.
ejal, as he took this photo.
another three had to send another one
to the sick bay of mrsm kuala kubu bahru
as she was weak from her diabetic condition.

it was drizzling when we started our hike.
therefore, the trail was quite muddy and slippery
that i almost slipped and lost my balance.

.can you see me?.

.our awesome camp site.

the first guy who reached this camp site
set up the tents for all of us.
they nicknamed him 'magoo'
and i'm not sure why.

behind us and on our left was the river.
we immediately took off our shoes and
dipped our tired feet into the cool refreshing water.
little fish swarmed our feet and slightly bigger ones
swam closer when we feed them bread.

 the water and the depth of the river
was so awesome
i didn't realized i lost one of my socks
while i swim!

.we did it! (eh is that a falling rock?).

later on,
farah and the others cooked some
spaghetti bolognese and fries.
after the hike and swim,
we were ravenous!

we then hike a few more meters
and ended up by this majestic waterfall.
as i stood by the river bank,
the force of water that falls
sent a gust of wind that chilled me even more.

i enjoyed this trail.
it was both relaxing and challenging
at the same time
because there was a mix of slopes,
steep hills and risky ravine.

like always,
we showered and prayed at the nearest mosque.
we later enjoyed our dinner at aiman tino's family restaurant
situated at dataran kuala kubu bahru.
the food was surprisingly good!
thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

WoW..takder pacat ke?

syitah said...

ada kut..tapi sy xkena hehe