Thursday, November 16, 2017

.tonsillectomy : the aftermath.

assalamualaikum people...!

a quick update..

after 6 months and 1 day,
my taste buds still haven't return to normal.

for weeks now
i've been experiencing this metallic taste
while and after eating.
the first time i realized it,
i thought it was maybe because of my oral hygiene.
so, i cleaned my tongue and
brushed my teeth more vigorously.
but still the aftertaste remained.

i googled the cause of it.

8 possible causes for this are:
poor oral hygiene (nope),
prescription drugs (not taking any),
vitamin or medicines (i don't take any supplement),
infections (no cold or fever),
cancer treatment (nope),
pregnancy (i thought so too but no),
dementia (nahhh),
chemical exposure (no).

then i googled some more
and stumbled upon these...


my zinc level is low?

thank you for reading!

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