Thursday, March 8, 2018

.hiking changkat rembian hill.


24th february 2018.
it was our first club activity for this year.
the club chose changkat rembian hill in tapah for this event.
colleagues brought along their family members.

we parked our cars at a nearby school, SK Tapah
and walked to the foot of the hill
which covered a distance of about 650 meters.

.red arrow marks the school, the yellow arrow marks the foot of the hill.

.beautiful view on top of changkat rembian hill.

the view on top was okay.
however, the entrance to this route was quite disturbing.
to the left of it, scattered rubbish marred the forest floor
and the road surface a few meters up was badly damaged.
we had to be extra careful with our footing all the time.

.we had a picnic!.

when we reached the peak,
we had a potluck party!
there was some nasi lemak, butter cake,
sardine sandwiches, kuih-muih and etc.
i brought along some bread lasagna
and they enjoyed it.

.the route ended at the telekom substation.

.commit to be fit!.

some of us who made it that day.
photo was taken right before we started to hike downhill.

.seconds before i slipped and fell.

just as we reached the peak,
the boss came up with the idea of a photography contest.
the one with the best selfie or scenery photo
will win the latest club t-shirt and a mystery gift.

so, i clicked away.
up and down, left and right.
hoping to get the best photo.
all the while talking to kak nor
who was walking next to me.

the next thing i know,
i suddenly lost my balance and fell.
my left knee absorbed the impact.
alhamdulliah the fall didn't sprained my ankle
or tore my track bottom.
but my knee is bruised till today!

.view from the forest floor looking up.

beautiful, ain't it?
but i didn't win any t-shirt.
the winning photos featured
a colleague giving a piggyback ride to another colleague's son
and another of a colleague feeding a child. scenery photos!

.609 kcal burnt!.

despite the short hike,
the climb uphill was quite a struggle
because the route was steep!
some of my colleagues challenged themselves here
every other weekends by riding their bicycle.

yeah, another quality time spent!
if you want to try hiking this hill,
please be cautious of your surrounding.
the area is quite secluded.
and i noticed a landslide on the ravine nearby.
half of the route is a palm oil plantation area.
do not go up there alone!

thank you for reading!

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