Saturday, December 18, 2010

.quality time.

i know i shouldn't have encouraged him. though i didn't jump for joy when he mentioned it, i didn't advise him not to.

so we spent thursday together, yeay!

and yes, we've gained so much through out the time spent and of course, before that. deprived of such said moments because of his classes, we cherished it. insyaAllah this time next year, we'll have more time together. however, despite all that, we also have to loose some of what we have gained before. the weight! hence the brisk walk at taman belia penang.

.ye gambar sisi pakai baju hitam pun masih besar.

it was fun going back to the park where my friend and i went ooh and aah over boys stunts of xgames tour. some of my friends got head over heels for one of the skaters. so funnie. round satu taman, berhenti kejap-kejap kat alat senaman hampir rosak, round padang tiga kali, ikut aerobic. okeh done. let's head to pesta pulau pinang!

the last time i went to the pesta was when i had the capacity of restoring memory at the level of 10/100. so i don't remember when. year after year, whenever we drove past the pesta site, i would wonder how it looks like inside. "fun fair jual barang-barang je", said my dad. okeh tak menarik.

but then....i got married, ade teman mau ke pesta! 

the annual festival at sungai nibong is largely for tourism purpose and to help small traders promoting and selling their goods. there were also government bodies like suruhanjaya pilihanraya malaysia and kesihatan who open their booth for the public.

yeah, boring.

but remember the 'funfair' remark? it was way better than that! maybe itu dolu-dolu kut. sekarang kalah genting dalam beberapa aspek okay. i didn't expect it would be so grand and so dangerous and no, i didn't get on any of the rides. *sigh*

.sapa tengah-tengah tu tak tau.

  1. the haunted castle. i don't know how it is in the inside. but even the robot skeleton outside is awesome bukan tahap funfair.
  2. the first ride on the right. ferris wheel.
  3. in the middle. similar to the pirate ship ride in genting but this one has two swings.
  4. the ride on far left. four people sit at both ends. two back to back. feet dangling. and it goes 360 degree! 360 degree!
  5. not in the picture. a ride that goes splash into a small man-made pool. ade beberapa rides lagi tak ade dalam gambar.
lagi dua minggu mau habis cuti sekolah. bawa lah anak-anak bersenam untuk kembalikan kecergasan yang hilang sebab duduk main game je dan bergembira sebelum dibebani kerja sekolah. entrance fee RM3.00. parking RM5.00. choih.

p/s: kami beli jagung kukus sahaja. untuk abah ^__^


tarmizisim said...

kan..? masih mcm panpair... cuma lebih adventure ler sket ngikut zaman...

Jangei... abh dont wan't much.. just jagung rebus or kukus.. thanx adik

syitah said...

hehe sama2