Sunday, January 16, 2011

.clay bedak aiken.

my kids. from one of the classes i teach this year.

iffah is very confident.
haida is talkative.
izzah and dina are the most fluent.
rosimah is a twin.
azzah and asmaa' are the shy ones.
rabiatul, ain and aisya are sweet.
ayuni and amira are always gossiping like makciks.

amirul is the nosiest.
the iwans belong to ikhwan and zulhazwan.
kimi is quiet like adam.
uwais is awkwardly smart.
aniq is the funny one.
naim will be girls' best friend.

shamil and akmal were absent!

may they bloom to be brilliant, aspiring persons. insyaAllah...
please God, give me strength and will to guide them through their education.
thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

follow & blogwalking..

meh la jenguk belog ai..

salam kenal! (^_^)

syitah said...

thank you :)