Sunday, February 13, 2011

.a'famosa resort, here we come!.

this is a teaser of what shall come.
this is where the journey begins.
during the chinese new year holiday.

ha poyo.

lets' start from left to right.

the first frame was captured before we begin our trip. the fog was extraordinarily heavy. usually even if it's foggy, we could still see the guard post and the staffs' apartments beyond the field. and yes, that's the handsome keke you can see under the red-roofed, almost empty, parking lot. so, the day started with a little uneasiness on my side. hubby was all excited and cheery.

on the second frame, that's my hubby. we stopped to ease and stretch ourselves at the rest and relax rawang. i wanted a coke and he said no.

the third frame shows the heavy traffic that started at the seremban-johor highway. it didn't take much of our time and occurred only because we were driving from an intersection to the main road from kuala lumpur. i think.

.here we are!. the cny decorations were awesome.

more on the next entry!
food to enjoy,
places to visit at alor gajah
and more photos,
of course.

thank you for reading!

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