Tuesday, March 22, 2011

.out of the blue.

i'm itchy all over

the doc said it would come and go for another two or three days.

help me!


thank you for reading!


Sir Matno said...

i don't quite like the prescription.. did you really go to a doctor? how can he say 'it will come and go for a few days??'..

go for second opinion if it still has not stopped.. these days we have to be extra careful with our health.. lots of unimaginable things happening.. take care!

syitah said...

it's a she. was given a shot at the hip. painful like hell. gagah betul babies kene cucuk tak nangis. i didn't cry mind you!

the itchiness stopped but my skin had pink spots.

but now, i'm cured! till the next allergy la tapi..