Monday, March 28, 2011

.the three bins.

people always admit that they know stuff, better than you. but how does one measure the said standard of ‘know’. they also claim that they have better ideas. but is it practical enough?

i won’t say i know more than you. or less for that matter. because to some extent, in certain areas, i am more and also less. this applies to everyone of us. are you with me so far? if you’re not, then you’re certainly less than me.

haha. cruel.

for example, watched aduan rakyat last few days and was sadden by what happened (is happening) at pulau tuba. sadness then turned to overwhelming anger, sympathy and disgust. and no. it’s not because ironing is such a hot house-chore.

i have an idea on how to lessen if not overcome their problem. it’s so obvious that you would come up with the same thing too.

but is it practical for them?


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