Tuesday, April 5, 2011

.bestest magazine evaaah!.

we subscribed to the sasbadi publication but our friends didn’t because i tried sharing my excitement of reading, indulging it with them but they never heard of it. have you? maybe because it was published at a smaller scale. i recall my dad said it was a trial run publishing.

but that was 15 years ago, when i was such a chubby (oh wait, i still am) little girl and my brother was a gangly boy but that got nothing to do with what i’m about to tell you.

i rummaged through our small library at our ipoh’s home last weekend and found a bunch of them. i need one of the folktales for my kid. bukan anak kambing. there’s going to be an english carnival and i thought she could win with the apai aloi story because my brother did! he also won with a few more stories like enang and top secret.

kanak-kanak kan, sronok la menang! ^__^ participants tak ramai la tapi sebab peringkat sekolah je. and i think peers would love to splash ice cold slurpee at our faces every time they saw us ;p would you join a story telling competition? have you ever joined one?

anyway, back to the magazine! high gear!

.yeah, kami menang ;8).

for a kid, this is awesome. heck! this is the definition of awesomeness even for me now ;p membazir je bayar untuk majalah wanita yang cerita pasal mekap yang lapuk, fesyen yang lame (that’s lame, not ‘lama’ loghat perak) dan gosip artis yang salah cetak ejaan nama artis terkenal. even an occasional reader like me who read these magazines on my visits to the dentist or clinic or hair salon is able to notice these things. shameful ain’t it? you claimed to be the embodiment of women’s lifestyle and you didn’t even pay attention to these details? macam tak buat research sebelum menulis. booo! editor buat ape?

go read!
thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

kenapa tak letak gambar adik yg menang one of the contest tu...??

Yati said...

...am sure majalah tu akan diturunkan pd Hamzah n anak adik....mak abah pun suka baca majalah tu.....Great!!!

Yati said...

...gambar adik menang tu????..hmm yang tu dah misplaced. Puas cari....:(((

syitah said...

hoho nanti hamtaro bace, comel jek! suruh abah dia bercerita depan dia ;)

Anonymous said...

dah tader kan magazine tuh skang nie...skang ada ASUH. lebeh kurang gak tp ASUH cam bajet nyer magazine..<--miza