Thursday, April 7, 2011

.fun facts #1.

about syitah...!!

  1. i’m a thrift. i save tea bags and use them twice. don’t worry, i don’t reuse them for my guests ;p
  2. i would not leave the lights on in hotel rooms when holidaying. i would go around the room switching them off when other family members finished their ‘business' or left the bedside lamp on.
  3. at home, i can’t stand seeing towels hung disorderly on the hanging rack.
  4. would sometimes rearrange disarrayed goods when i walked through shelves at the stores.
  5. love it when it rains. but i get agitated if it gets heavier because it seems like everything might turn ugly. doom!

fun ke? muahahah.

thank you for reading!


*fatheeha* said...

i don't like people yg buang sampah dr tingkap kereta

syitah said...

kaaan! haih sedih tengok..

Anonymous said...

masa ghenik2 dulu pun adik takut bila ada guruh...thunderstorm kat ipoh mmg ganeh sikit..

syitah said...

duk umah quarters dulu la teruk. kilat sambar pokok blkng rumah tu. ish ish...