Friday, April 8, 2011

.eat, pray, love.

i was done with my friday’s night ibadah. hubby was out for brass band rehearsal since afternoon. sitting alone on the prayer mat, reciting the al-Ikhlas, my mind drifted back to my younger years.

i can still recall the night when my brother taught me to recite that surah. we were lying on our double decked bed. because he was thinner, he slept on the upper bunk. he still is thinner demmit. he said, “ha surah ni pendek je. 4 ayat je”. so he recited them line by line and i repeated.

abah and mak also lent a hand on teaching me to learn all the surahs and verses in our prayer. i remembered that in the morning he would remind me to memorize something and when he came back from work he would give me a test. i would sit beside him on our rattan sofa with his arm around my shoulders and i would recite the verses  ^__~

when i was 9, my ustaz asked, “kamu banyak makan belacan ke?”. i didn't get it. i went home and asked mak about it. saye kecik hati ustaz. sampai sekarang saye ingat. T___T

i also learnt how to know the time from abah. i was slow with anything that includes numbers. i still am demmit. sometimes i would cheat. when he asked me the time, i would glanced at the video recorder where the digital clock was excitedly flashing itself, inviting me to look. but abah found out about my trick haha! so he would make yop sat in front of the vcr and ask me again and again. “kalau jarum pendek kat 3, jarum panjang kat 5...pukul berape?”.

once, mak caught me red handed. i wasn’t finishing my homework. i would sometimes tell her that i don’t have any. the only homework i brought home was art! hehe look how artsy i am now eh?

on her routine check, she said, “adik, pegi amik semua buku. mak nak tengok”. kecut perut, i tell ya! i screamed and stomp my feet when my polite ‘tak payah la’ was ignored. “kenape adik ni? yop, pegi amik beg adik”. a dutiful son he was (and is!), he went into our room and fetch my school bag.

the next morning, mak went to my school to have a talk and discuss about my misbehavior/laziness/ignorance with my class teacher. my close friend asked, “weh nanti mak ko tau tak siap keje cane?”. i just smiled.

because after the fiasco, while lying in the dark thinking of what might happen the next day at school, my brother suggested, “lain kali, cakap la semua buku ade kat cikgu, cikgu tengah check”. ;D bernas!

now, it is my hubby’s turn to guide me :) he would correct my mistakes on tajwid when reciting surahs in the al-Quran. he taught me verses and doas to recite daily. i would sometimes shy away from memorizing it in front of him. therefore, i would practice the verses while he’s not there ;p and he would ask me again later.

i love you guys so much ^___ ~

terima kasih abah mak yop. terima kasih suhaizal sayang :)
peh sayu plak rase. muah muah hug hug! heheh.

thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

muahhhh... abh pun rasa sayu nengor cerita adik ni... antara pikior i've done the right thing or not...
tapi alhamdulillah anak2 abh dah jadi 'orang' la juga... hehe

tapi byk nye 'ajaran' dari yop ehhh.. yop gelak besor baca blog adik ni..

Yati said...

me..alone in my room at school..u made me cry adik...

am blessed to have u....a very good and sweet daughter.

i love u more...Muaahhh Muaaahh Muaahhhh.

Yati said...

ahhhh...yop full of tricks and ideas....hmmmmm...naughty boy....