Tuesday, May 17, 2011

.are you an organized freak?.

or is it 'organizing freak'? ;p

everything has to be in order or you’ll get restless until the matter is solved concurrent to your liking. it’s just how you handle things. the habit is not to an uncontrollable extent that it could irksome others around you. luckily, despite the occasional labelling of nag-bitch or obsessive compulsive freak, your method of organizing actually eases things up. some things la.

dan merangkumi hal yang kome minat.
kalau kome tak minat,
idak le kome urus dengan baik kan?

thank you for reading!


Yati said...

...tu ayam 5 kali masak le ye...he he he

syitah said...

hehe iye :)