Sunday, May 15, 2011

.fun facts #2.

about syitah....!


  1. squeezes out toothpaste from its tube bottom up. not from the middle!
  2. becomes restless when her stock of cotton buds is running low.
  3. prefers gerbera daisies and calla lilies to roses.
  4. loves the smell of old, tatty novels, rain and freshly mown grass.
  5. would rather listen to light and easy than hits music.
  6. thinks savoury is better than sweet.
  7. considers anything with the number seven is awesome!
thank you for reading!


Faiz said...

syitah, bday aku 7/7.. cool kan? aku tau..

syitah said...

patut la ko awesome! ;p

Firdaus Tarmizi said...

umami desu yo!

syitah said...

oishi desu yo! do i get invited to your blog? ;P

Firdaus Tarmizi said...

blog tu dah delete la hehe

syitah said...

alaaa...dah la blog lama tu xupdate2 hehe.

knp gmbar profile skema?