Sunday, July 24, 2011

.what season is july?.

reading about my brother's entry of his childhood memories and what's more, being around kids at school everyday, reminds me of the simple games we used to play.

where or when does it start? 
how do the kids know when to start a season of one game
and end it to start another?
how is it possible that the games we, 80's babies played years ago
still existed today without we passing it on?
or did you?

1. lawan pemadam. my brother once had a big collection of erasers in various sizes but most common is the standard squarish eraser with world flags on them. eh i think they are still in his room back in ipoh. i love poland because somehow it was slightly thicker than the rest and it was my lucky eraser eheh. to win this game, you flick and flick the edge of your eraser until it overlaps your opponent's eraser. it's a game of strategy. lepas tarik lepas tarik.

sangat annoying musim lawan pemadam ni bila dah jadi cikgu. main masa cikgu mengajar memang nak kene sekeh. tapi cikgu dapat kumpul pemadam ho yeah!

2. kertas that goes 'pap!' i can't recall playing this particular game myself. maybe because it's more appealing to boys as it produces loud distressing sound and they pop it close to your ears. girls just don't do that, right? ;p you fold a piece of paper and when you flap it real hard, a part of the folded paper pops out and it goes 'pap!'. fold it back in and flap again.

kalau cikgu dapat, kene koyak. the kids would koyak buku lagi untuk buat yang baru. bila cikgu minta keluarkan buku bahasa inggeris, "takde ticer, dah habis". sekeh lagi.

3. senarai mula dengan huruf yang sama. this game is played by much older kids because they have a wider range of vocabulary and imagination. a piece of paper (again!) is divided into five columns and categories are written in each column; name, place, things, animal, fruit. sounds easy enough but you'd have to be fast to come up with vocabs for each category and it has to start with the same letter. e.g. bukhari, brunei, buku, beruang, belimbing. fuh! got that only on my third try haha lampi.

4. meluncur lantai. okay this doesn't qualify as a game but it doesn't stop the kids from surfing/sliding to and from class. and when they skidded, i snicker. the floor around school is smooth cement and when you have good pairs of pants and high intensity of sugar rush, you'd just want to slide. please avoid the urge to do so while in class. eksiden nanti cikgu juga yang kene.

what games did you play?

thank you for reading!


Firdaus Tarmizi said...

i'm so going to steal your entry muahahaha

no lah, I'll credit you for being the inspiration for this idea.

I'll reply on the games I used to play (main sep tiang? bitom? main popiah? guna buku sekolah main bom kapal terbang?)in my blog yee

syitah said...

bitom? popiah?

bom kapal terbang tau la! ;p

Sir Matno said...

1. hide and seek
2. main 'toi'
3. gasing
4. kites
5. fold papers into mouth-like shape and finger puppet it..
6.i used to comb Barbie with my girl cousins!

p.s. i laughed and miss my cousins when i read your entry. aku malas menulis, so aku komen kamu punya blog je la eh..

syitah said...

main toi cane?

i got my barbie lewat di zaman adolescent. main dengan pistol kayu abah buat je dulu :)

Sir Matno said...

toi tu main dia camni..

kena ada 4 barisan org.. satu baris 3-4 org melintang.. the opponent team yg mempunyai bilangan org yg sama akan lari merentasi halangan itu.. depa yg ada dalam barisan tu kena gerak kiri kanan je utk tangkap the opponents.. so, you can see many skills la dalam merentasi halangan durjana tu..

p.s. toi tu galah panjang.. heheheh

syitah said...

lor ckp la galah panjang ;p
penah la main hihi