Tuesday, January 3, 2012

.family comes first.

work starts tomorrow. feeling excited but i think it's because of the coffee. supposedly i'll be teaching year 1, 2 and 5 but somehow the information from the panel meeting didn't get through so i'm going to teach year 1 and 5 for a week.

doesn't feel like a holiday because we have classes and it ended just last week. but we've finished our first semester! alhamdulillah. and we went to kuantan for samsudin's family day ^___^ although we didn't manage to dutifully follow the program because of jet lag ha ha ha, we still had fun.

it's refreshing to have laughter and sharing moments in the wee hours of the morning. it works wonder to relationships despite all bickering, tiredness and grudges. it gives you hope, that all is well with the world.

that's alisya in pink pants and afiq changed to his stripe shirt because the green one was smothered in chocolate :)

all is well...!

anyways, happy new year!

may we revive ourselves, 
inspire others and start afresh :) 
and may i have all the patience one could possess
to nurture and not just educate the kids..
may all that we do, we do it for Allah swt
and blessed by Him..
amin ya rabbalal'amin

p/s: in the spirit of my resolution (and weight gain*!@%#*&$), i intent to let go (meaning, sell at a much lower price) some of my preloved blouses, tudung and shawls. i don't have to make public my resolution, right? it's between me and Allah :) 

would you, dear readers, be interested? ^____^

kut dapat sambutan, leh jual brand new stuff pulak eheh
thank you for reading!


bixbite said...

syisyi...sama la...me also thinking of letting go most of my baju, seluar and tudung...mesti ada org kecik2 nk kan...huhuh..tp tataw la ader org nk ke x...kunun2 new year nk change wardrobe ler..

syitah said...

hehe kunun nak bisnes la ;p
tapi ko sorg je yg respon ni..
cane nk cari customer hahah