Saturday, April 14, 2012

.a-year-old-corn experience #1.

as many of you might have known (if you don’t, then you should visit this blog more often eheh), i’m a teacher. my first experience in teaching was in a primary school at ayer itam, penang during my practicum. i hereby declare, in this entry, i will share with you my a-year-old-corn experience, part by part.

i was posted to sabah. when i found out the surprising news (because i opted for perak and doesn’t give much thought about the possibilities of getting posted so far from home, ignorance much?) by checking my placement status via online, i still jumped with joy. seriously, i was. kenapa? tak percaya? here are some reasons why:

1.                 it will be my first time being away from my family thus being independent (school and tertiary education doesn’t count la pft!)
2.                 i’ve been to every states in malaysia except sarawak and sabah (now, only sarawak)
3.                 i love air travel. imagine all the travelling i’m gonna get. haha yeah lame. dalam negera je pun.
4.                 no matter where the placement is, i’m finally gonna gain my own moolah!

* serious mode* weren’t you excited that you are going to be able to implement what you have studied for six years and glad to contribute to the nation by educating the next generation?

errr.....yeah, that too. of course!

there was a group of us who was posted to the same state but wasn’t notified of which schools we got. we gathered at klia, flew to sabah and were greeted by the representatives of jabatan pelajaran negeri sabah. we were then herded to a hotel and stayed for two days and a night (i think) as we went through a taklimat that finally informed us of our respective schools and that to reached our various districts, the ppd people will pick us up and our future-headmaster himself will fetch us at the ppd.

and yup, my headmaster was there, patiently waiting for his new English teacher :) the first teacher in his school hailed from the peninsula.

i was appointed to the kudat district, one of the tips of borneo. please look it up in the map. simpang mengayau y’all ^___^

#2 entry : my first school!

thank you for reading!

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