Tuesday, March 27, 2012

.*updated * forest research institute malaysia.

it was an hour and a half journey from our home in sungkai. however, the time length included stops for breakfast and to satisfy nature calls eheh. anyway, it was a great outdoor fun! there were lone rangers, families and couples. malaysians and foreigners. strolling, trekking, cycling, chatting, dating.

we parked at A.
walked to B to buy the tickets
for the canopy walkway.
then started our jungle trekking,
down hill, up hill,
canopy walk, more trails..
and reached A safely :)

while climbing the hill to the entrance hut
for the canopy walkway,
i got dizzy from exhaustion ;p
nevermind that,
love it still..!

can't wait for our next adventure!

thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

kalo dekat boleh pi selalu ni dik.. nice adventure..

Yati said...

Mmg menarik ni