Wednesday, June 13, 2012

.my first school #2.

for #1 please read here.

okay, i almost cried when i glanced through the photos that i was going to upload for this entry. bitter sweet memories of being there in kudat. i don’t think i will ever forget the feelings i had (or having right now). there are too many emotions whirling. bliss, confuse, anger, joy. all in one little space called heart.

through my journey of adulthood (meaning, working years) there in kudat, i’ve met many great people. encik maikal, aunty salbiah, kak suviza, kak adilah, kak wati and encik mangutas to name a few. these caring, unselfish individuals help to ease my parents’ and my worries of not having a place to live, to offer company without hesitation and to calm my anxiousness of not knowing what lies ahead. *singing mode* i will remember you, will you remember me~

thank you Allah swt for generously granting me these people when i was helpless.

i remember being happy and nervous (of course) when i reached my new school. i wasn’t at all shocked because somehow anyone could expect the conditions of schools here in the rural. they were still made of wood, small but cosy. a close-knit community. no canteen and pupils would have to bring their own food container, fill it up at the cook’s quarters and eat in the class. or just put them in a plastic bag, bite off at one end and eat the fried noodles through the hole made.

there were a number of things that worries me actually:

  1. being a burden to kak wati because i was ‘menumpang’ her car to come to school. can’t say carpool because at this point, i haven’t shipped in kekem. hey, kekem wasn’t even with my family yet!
  2. i was ‘menumpang’ at kak suviza’s and kak adilah’s house till i managed to rent my own place.
  3. getting groceries by walking to pekan kudat or taking the ‘van sapu’ which is equivalent to a taxi, alone. i can’t ask kak suviza to take me on her motorcycle. segan doh.

i didn’t worry about work eh? see, how efficient i am as an educator. eheh T___T

anyhow, this was my first school!

and these were my pupils ^____^ 
sometimes i see them here. 
pelanduk tujuh serupa kut. 
ke rindu kut.

p/s: that day, what my headmaster (and other schools’ head also) did is a commendable approach to welcome new employees. it should be an example to others on how to tackle human resources. who wouldn’t be pleased and proud if the boss spent the time to drive out from far or get a boat ride to mainland just to welcome you, right? ^____^

thank you for reading!

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