Saturday, August 11, 2012

.twenty-two in amanrimba.

sorry everyone for the late entry about this awesome place called aman rimba. eh what? i didn’t promise you this entry? heheh.

i promised myself rupanye ;p it happened last march. it took you that long to fulfill a promise, syitah! haih. no. i procrastinated because i was afraid that my rendition of this haven won’t do it justice. sorry! :)

it was an invitation from a dear friend of my mother, thank you aunty watie + uncle sabri..! they own the place. mom planned everything from invitations of other families, activities and preparation of goody bags.

aman rimba is a private estate in janda baik, pahang. it is a scenic and tranquil destination. be it for a fun family get-together, a romantic rendezvous or a breathtakingly beautiful garden wedding! hehe can’t wait for the wedding, makecik :)

feast your eyes on these. hopefully you can envision the great time we had and the five-star treatment that we received (all that i can't simply put into words ;p) and decide to go there for a getaway too! click photos to enlarge.

*cue birds chirping,
wind blowing,
river rushing*

the gate, the driveway, the welcome drink. excited! ;)

besides the swimming pool and a lake where you can fish,
there is also a cool, refreshing river that flows just outside the gate.

a few shots of the exclusive suites and the game room.
yeah people, game room!

there are six suites which are built in a traditional malay setting and named after plants; kantan, serai, sireh, halia and kunyit.

what's that on the low left corner of this collage? itu lah mesin gelek getah :)

.family ^_____^.

excited yet? treat yourself and family to this amazing escape destination! for more information about this lovely estate, go to amanrimba's website.

p/s: important ----> the food here is yummy! what else do you need after a fun karaoke session, a good swim in the swimming pool or a sweaty ride up and down the hill? scrumptious food! :)

photos credited to tarmizi simin and sheikh rusydi of pixel trigger.
thank you for reading!

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Yati said...

Very well written. Tag le kat fb aunty wati :)