Thursday, August 9, 2012

.berdua di pulau perhentian.

alhamdulillah a few months ago my husband planned a 3-days and 2-nights trip to pulau perhentian. he's such a good planner for our vacations that i leave everything to him like booking, transportation, pit-stop hehe and what not. surprisingly, a few people i know personally and virtually also went to the same island not long before we did. ramai yang suka pulau perhentian ye? :) you read my mind people!

it was a long journey starting at 5am and we reached jeti pelancongan kuala besut around 2pm. we had fun admiring the landscapes of several states and i was getting giddy with excitement when the jetty came into view. we parked our car at 'bie park' for RM7.00 per day.

.i met my college friend here while waiting for the boat.

as mentioned above, my husband is also the finance manager for our trip. hence, we would travel on a budget so that we won't suffer financial crisis after the merry holiday hehe. therefore, for pulau perhentian, we managed to book the rumah mara in the kampung area which is on the small island. RM30 per night y'all! one of many privileges of working for MARA :) there are also other motels here which are cheaper than the ones on the big island and at the long beach. here you can see the map of the islands.

.the blue heart marks the village, the green marks the long beach.

we share the same photo, maria! eheh this photo je la ;)

it's an apartment with spacious living room (good for family-trip, kalau ramai boleh tidur dalam bilik and living room), a kitchen with an electric stove, a fridge and a television, a huge room with a king-sized bed, a bathroom and a balcony. here are some photos of our trip there. oh yup, we went snorkelling. a first time for my husband :)

.beautiful beach, crystal clear water, colourful fish (not in the collage).

because we were staying in the village, the beach is not as conducive for a fun swim as at long beach because there were many fishermen's boats. so, we paid RM20.00 each for a to and fro trip from the village to long beach. after a few swims, we had a drink where thor also had a drink! haha. please refer to maria elena's entry on her trip to pulau perhentian. to warm ourselves, we both had teh-o suam each. RM3.00 per mug, choih mahal...! that's why tourists prefer to eat/dine at the kampung/village because the food is cheaper.

the care-taker of the rumah mara, who was also the former head-village, abe pa, sat with us and told stories about the island. it's history, development and the people. among others, the island only have a primary school and many didn't further their studies to secondary school because they would have to travel to mainland and the police station was built only recently. he also advised us the danger of the monsoon season which is through out november to february because there were foreign tourists who braved the big waves and strong winds despite warnings. when we were there, a mosque was being built to accommodate the growing population.

in conclusion, it was a great trip. can't wait for our next one, insyaAllah :)
thank you for reading!

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