Saturday, October 25, 2014

.egg retrieval day.

assalamualaikum readers,

welcome back y'all..!

still interested in our journey of having our own bundle of joy? :)
may everything goes well and smooth...inshaAllah.

on 22nd of september 2014
we went to mac, hukm for my egg retrieval procedure.
or ovum pick-up
or oocyte retrieval
or egg collection.

as mentioned in previous entry,
we went there with two other patients.
after dropping off the wives along with the gynecologist/fertility specialist,
the husbands went on to look for parking spaces.

we filled up some forms,
emptied our bladder,
changed into hospital gown,
and still husbands didn't manage to get any parking spaces.

in that preparation room
a nurse started to chat,
trying to calm my nerves
while looking for a vein on my left hand.
she can't find it.
so she tried again on my right and succeeded.
that was for the anesthetic.
drug wohooo!

left panel attached to planner, an x-ray of my ovaries. those are follicles.

i don't know how long i waited *nervous*
suddenly, it was my turn.
i sat, scooted and lay down on the operating bed.
i asked the anesthesiologist (i think) a few questions.
how long will it take?
can my husband come in and hold my hand? *pfft*
when will the anesthetic wears off?
and then zzZzzZzzzzzzz.....

and i remember pain.
and thinking "hey i was drugged. what's with the pain?!"
later, nurses moved/dragged me back to the preparation room.
as i lay down,
 the chirpy gynecologist/fertility specialist came over
and said something..
and i asked him out loud, i think..
"i was drugged. what's with the pain?!"
i think he smiled and said something else
and "you better asked your husband okay?"

he was chirpy because he retrieved 45 eggs from my ovaries.
in all his years as a gynecologist/fertility specialist,
he had never collected that many from one patient.

a few days later
when i messaged him for advice
as i was in so much pain,
he replied saying
that 35 out of 45 eggs
are ready to be fertilized  ^___^

i changed into my jubah, walked out and waited for my husband. apparently, he was in the 'berkat room' (aptly named) for his part in the-making-of-our-bundle-of-joy contribution. teehee!

and so, the healing process begins...

thank you for reading!


Tyra❤️Zami said...

OPU memang sangat sakit kan.. so, u skrg mcmana ?

syitah said...

masa baring utk rest selepas procedure tu dah rasa okay sikit..
but a few days later mula sakit balik..

sekarang tgh rehat utk dua tiga bulan. percubaan pertama tak berjaya..

how about you?