Monday, November 17, 2014

.family day in clearwater sanctuary.


i was reluctant to go. i won't lie. i am not a people person despite being in a profession where i'm supposed to be a people person. tee hee. but at the idea of venturing into a new place and the possibility of meeting up with the adorable auni, i gave in.

it took place in clearwater sanctuary golf resort (CWS).
i googled the place a day before.
swimming pool, checked.
archery, cool.
chalets, present.
outdoor activities, interesting.

i was looking forward to experience the idyllic surrounding as described by most visitors. i did find the setting worthwhile but i also agreed with what some of the tourists commented on; poorly maintained golf course, shabby chalets and rude staffs. oh well. why don't you go and see for yourself, okay?

anyway, back to family day! the day started with breakfast and the first lucky draw session. later on, everyone moved to volleyball, kayaking and archery for the adults and coloring, candy-grabbing and swimming for the kids. 

that's auni! i'm content just spending time with her.

we played with a balloon and when that burst, a party whistle.
she also fed me some cake-roll with drips of her saliva.
awww sweet, right?
not her saliva.
her gesture of sharing and feeding me.

the hall was dusty, dirty and hot.
come on la CWS!
at least sweep and mop the floor before the guests use the hall.
auni's balloon burst because it fell on the grains of sand on the floor.
that's how dirty it was.

pool scattered with dead leaves. limited archery experience.

the lakes have calming effects.
the view by the swimming pool was scenic.
but tarnished by dead leaves floating in the water,
moldy thus slippery walkway,
and decaying platform by the pool.
but the kids enjoyed it still.

i was excited when i saw the archery range.
(if we can call it that pfft!)
but the line was long
as there was only one bow and one target!

yeay to us!

during lunch, there was a second lucky draw session.
the food was good.
everyone seemed to enjoy it.

when everyone went home,
there was still time until 3.00 pm.
my husband and i played table tennis and
cycled on a partially broken tandem bicycle.

all in all,
regardless of the setbacks..
we had a good time ^__^

visit clearwater sanctuary golf resort here.
turn on your speakers.
browse the website.
they also have wedding packages.
thank you for reading!

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