Thursday, February 5, 2015

.a homey welcome at akar lima.


hi everyone! i'm going to share with you our experience at akar lima, a bed and breakfast inn and it also functions as a cafe in kulim. i believe, akar lima is best at offering a kampung experience for the urbanites. for someone who still has and regularly visits my kampung in malim nawar, the place didn't wow me as much. except the house decor! hehe. but that is for later.

the inn, which is actually the owner's house, is surrounded by seasonal fruit trees; durian, langsat, mangosteen etc. with a hammock to lepak in the evening. there's also a chicken and duck coop at the backyard where you can collect fresh eggs! (if there's any), a small garden and a fairly large field. they also sell pre-loved jewelleries and accessories at a corner. as i had mentioned, akar lima also functions as a cafe. we did enjoy a late supper with dessert and of course a breakfast. unfortunately, we didn't have our dinner there. reviews from previous customers are mostly positive and they suggested that the food is one of the best in kulim. we sure will visit again just for the food!

oh yeah. the decor! i looove it. it oozes with rustic and whimsical atmosphere. i wish we had decorated our home like this. should have taken more photos of it as inspiration. we still haven't properly furnished our home thus there's still hope! hehe. i was informed that they made/crafted the furniture and decorations themselves! there are six rooms and three bathrooms. four rooms on the first floor and two on the second. only the master bedroom on the first floor and two more rooms on the second floor/attic have air-conditioners. two of the rooms have bunk beds.

books! books! *drools*
we were there for the annual get-together planned and organized by the eldest of the samsudin's siblings. this year we chose a place close to home (alor star) so that we could spend more quality time together rather than just go sight seeing and shopping. we checked in, watched the suzuki cup football match, enjoyed supper and had a good rest.

the next morning, i was awoken by the crowing of the rooster in the backyard. we bonded under the sun and inside the house where we played traditional outdoor and indoor games, read books, perform solat together and tazkirah subuh.

some of the samsudin's clan

small right panel : anis & adam. the youngest & eldest cucu.

other comments :

1. adam's sense of smell is super sensitive thus the smell from the chicken/duck coop while having our breakfast outside was totally a big no-no for him. and a no-no for us too. tee hee.

2. the fried noodle with ground black pepper was too hot for the kids.

3. the peanut butter and chocolate toast is yummy!

4. so does the chocolate ganache cake!

go here for more info and drool over the photos of their food!
thank you for reading!

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