Saturday, December 27, 2014

.flood relief squads.


here are some information on flood relief squads
that started a commendable effort.
i don't have twitter, instagram or tumblr accounts to spread the information.
look up for squads near you.

please click on the image for larger and better view.
thank you faiz for sharing them on facebook :)

misi bantuan vitamin untuk kanak-kanak banjir 
is initiated by Shaklee Independent Distributors.
Tun Nurul Fatinah is a close friend.

may all our help, big or small,
ease the flood victims' condition.

may Allah swt bless our effort
and keep the victims safe.

thank you for helping!

proceed with caution..
before you make donations,
please call the numbers provided for each flood relief squad
and contact the person in charge
to clarify or check whether it's a valid organization or not.


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