Sunday, October 2, 2016

.hiking bukit kutu.

assalamualaikum wonderful people!

we hiked the famous bukit kutu in april.
ejal asked me to join him and a few friends.
it took a lot of persuasion for me to agree though
even though it's called bukit,
it is actually a mountain.
but still, i made it to the top!
3567 feet and all.
you can read all about bukit kutu on the internet.
there's a heap of history behind it.
quite interesting.

ya Allah...
i was drained of all energy.
the climb was exhausting.
many times during the hike,
i persuaded ejal to let me stop and wait for him
when he worked his way downhill.
but of course, he won't let me give up.

.a trail leading up to the steel bridge.
all happy and unsuspecting before the hike.
well, not hasif and his girlfriend, shahida..
they both knew the trail and
they were our mountain guide that day.
hasif had climbed this mountain 11 times!

i learnt my first hiking trick
minutes before this photo was taken.
thanks to shahida hehe.

.our second stop.

i was still doing okay at this point.
each stop was marked with numbers on any surface available.
rocks, trees etc.
i lost count as we reached our 8th point, i think.

.a good place to rest and mingle.

i forgot which stop this was.
quite a number of hikers regrouped here.
a good spot to take photos.
lots of bee too.
i learnt that they like human sweat!

we did crossed a few streams.
the water was cool and refreshing.
it was a good way to boost our energy.
we didn't have any photos here for obvious reasons.
and also because i accidentally deleted some huhu.

.proud of ejal!.

finally after 5 hours,
we reached the peak of bukit kutu!
photo above is the highest spot.
haha why it took so long?
because we stopped for a rest so many times.
hasif mentioned that usually it only took him about 3 hours or less.

can you see me way back?
i can't summoned up my courage to join them
on the narrow oval rock.
the three ladders leading up were rickety.
i only took the first ladder up.
there were no safety nets
or ropes on both sides of the rock.
can't imagine if we fall!

congratulations to ejal..!
he managed to conquer his fear of height
and climbed all the way to that spot.

.we did it!.

we had a good rest up here.
hasif even brewed up some coffee.
a few steps downhill to the left
were the ruins of a colonial bungalow
and a clock tower erected on 1937.
we didn't go that way.
everyone was dead tired
and only had the highest peak in mind.
and of course the downhill climb.

as we were preparing to descend the hill,
it started to drizzle.
the slippery slopes made it harder
for us beginners to move faster.
there were hikers who literally running downhill!
it must had irked them as we were slow haha.
it took us a total of 9 hours to climb up and down.

another first time for ejal and i
was when we took our ablution by the stream
and prayed in our hiking attire.
we later freshen up at the kuala kubu mosque
and to get off the car
i had to lift my legs with my hands
because i can't move them! haha
a great experience,
learnt a lot,
will i do it again?!
okay bye!
thank you for reading!


atuk_amn said...

W0W...Tahniah to both of you....pensyaannnn...

syitah said...

abah jangan lupa ambik gambar exercise & hantar kat hamzah tau hehe