Sunday, September 25, 2016

.kek lapis, kampung gersik.


a compulsory visit whenever in kuching
is to go and buy kek lapis.
we chose to go to dayang salhah kek lapis.
"what is kek lapis" you may ask?

The Sarawak layer cake is a layered cake,
traditionally served in Sarawak, Malaysia
on special occasions.
In the Malay language,
the cakes are known as kek lapis Sarawak,
Kek lapis moden Sarawak or simply Kek lapis.

to go there, we had to board a boat
and were charged RM1/pax.

as we reached the other side,
it started to drizzle.
there are many kek lapis shops here in kampung gersik.
we stumbled upon ejal's friends
who were also visiting kuching
and they decided to taste kek lapis
in every shop availabe
before buying any!
so rajin hehe

.in case you can't find the shop.

so, this would be a first time for us,
kek lapis tasting.
after my third try,
i can't differentiate the flavors anymore!
they really should consider providing customers
with a glass of plain water each
so we could rinse our palate.

.helping ourselves to the cube-cut cake.

each type of kek lapis costs about RM10 to RM35.
two of the ones i chose were not available
on the display shelves anymore that noon.
therefore...i just chose the next best ones, i assume haha.
imagine the patience needed to bake kek lapis.
lapis by lapis by lapis...

next, dinner time!
we headed to top spot food court
for tasty, affordable seafood.

.not in the photo - udang galah telur masin.

we picked
pucuk sayur midin goreng belacan,
ikan siakap tiga rasa and
udang galah telur masin.
tapi nasinya macam pulut sikit,
just like what we had in krabi.

so peeps,
go visit malaysia!
we're already planning for our next trip.
thank you for reading!


muhammad muzaffar Johar said...

terubuk x beli? beli sekali la minyak gambir tu. sesuai kalo sakit gigi atau saja2 nak main kebas2 lidah. hahahaha

syitah said...

idak. kek pun beli sebab lepas syarat lawatan je haha

nak beli sape, xjumpa yang cantik..